Cecilia Garrec Art
Specializing in Art That Uplifts

As an emerging artist with a specialization in all things brain, cognition and psychology, the art world for Cecilia emanates with color, promise and a blending of the ephemeral with the eternal. She is drawn to flow, clean lines and is inspired by nature and natural designs. Her work aims to delve into a place where art is a transformational, energetic and direct force for good. Cecilia's art explores the intuitive forces of life, that is the spiritual, mental, and psychosocial aspects of one's inner life.

Cecilia uses a variety of mediums and is always experimenting. Having had only formal and advanced training in the sciences, the art world holds no rules or barriers for exploration. She usually starts her paintings with a concept and then intuitively and with feeling, finishes them off to perfection.

Cecilia Garrec Art works with both local, regional and international interior designers, architects, builders, entrepreneurs and investors to help them acquire the art that suits their personality, needs and environment from the home to the corporate boardroom.

Selected Chronology

Solo Shows

2021 - Galerie Maître Albert, Paris, France
2019 - International Art Gallery, Paris, France
2019 - Metamorphose Art Gallery, Essonne, France
2018 - Uptown Realty Gallery, Austin, USA

Group Shows

2019 - Young International Artist (YIA) Contemporary Art Show, Paris, France

2019 - Mayor’s Art Festival (Fête des Artistes), Gif-sur-Yvette, France

2019 - Neurospin Art Show, Saclay, France

2018 - Bass Concert Hall, Austin, Texas USA

2018 - Urban Hair Gallery, Austin, Texas USA

2018 - Cherry Cola Dog Gallery, Austin, Texas USA
2017 - Link and Pin Art Gallery, Austin, Texas USA
2017 - Cherry Cola Dog Gallery, Austin, Texas USA
2017 - Orange Coworking, Austin, Texas USA
2017 - Cypress Grill, Austin, Texas USA
2017 - The Hive, Austin, Texas USA
2017 - Pancakes & Booze, Austin, Texas USA

Articles and Requested Exhibit Commentaries

2018 - Wally Workman Gallery, Helmut Barnett: Solo Show
2018 - Russell Art Gallery, The Argillet Collection: Salvador Dali's Stunning Etchings
2018 - Camiba Art Gallery, Lorena Morales Exhibition: Glimmers of Time
2017 - Camiba Art Gallery, William Carson Exhibition: Unearth

Featured Articles

2018 - Featured Artist of the Month, March 2018, Creative Arts Society, Austin, USA
2018 - Featured Artist of the Month, May 2018, Voyage Houston, USA
2018 - Featured Artist of the Month/April 2018, Art of Austin, Austin, USA

Lectures and Talks


Volunteer, Charity and Fundraising work

Austin Art Alliance - volunteer 2017-2019, Austin, Texas, USA